Our middle child (Kip) inherited his fathers sensitive skin. When he wears things like polyester, he develops a rash. He also develops a rash when he wears certain diapers. Because of this we have to use “natural” diapers.

I’ve been ordering The Honest Company diaper bundles for the past year and a half and have loved it! I only have to think about diapers once a month when they send a reminder that my bundle is about to ship. Whenever he moves up a size or they release a cute new print, I change my order. Otherwise, diapers just magically appear at my door step right when I’m down to my last pack.

When I first looked into their bundles, I priced it out. The bundles come with 6 packs of diapers and four packs of wipes. Initially, the cost for newborn and size one was a better deal than other brands at Target. As time goes on and you move up sizes in diapers, the packs get smaller. I started to think it wasn’t as economical as it was in the beginning when we were ordering the smaller sizes, but I loved the convenience of it so I stuck with them.

We recently we had our third child and that means double the diapers! Well my husband doesn’t like the idea of our diaper expense doubling, so I knew it was time to started looking for a less expensive option.

I decided to price out other natural diapers at Target because of their Red Card benefits. Free shipping, 5% off every order and the Cartwheel App makes for a great way to save a little extra. Here are the numbers I came up with (without adding the 5% red card discount)

*Disclosure: This is not a paid review, this is my honest, unbiased opinion of these products. This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links to make a purchase, I may receive a commission.*

As you can see with the size 5 diapers, there isn’t a huge difference between the Honest Bundles and the other natural diaper brands at Target.  However, Target often has a sale on diapers! Also, let’s not forget about the Red Card discount and Cartwheel app for extra savings.

Target was having a BOGO 50% off on all diapering products so I had my husband stop by while he was in town.

They had Seventh Generation diapers diapers in stock so that’s what we decided to try. For just over $86 we got 207 diapers and 800 Babyganics wipes. An Honest bundle of size 5 diapers is $80, you get 150 diapers and 288 wipes.

I’d say we scored a great deal, except we hadn’t tried the diapers yet…

Each box has 3 packs of 23 diapers containing a total of 69 diapers per a box. Each box being $28.99 at regular price. With the BOGO sale, we bought them for about $21.75 each, bringing price per a diaper down to $0.31 ($0.12 savings per diaper!).

The Seventh Generation (pictured on the left) comes in a cute print and is a shorter and slightly wider diaper.

Honest diapers are longer which is great for coverage when it comes to blow outs in younger babies. They have multiple prints to choose from and this thunder cloud print is part of their spring print collection.

The stretchy backside on the Seventh Generation have ample give, but the Honest diapers have even more.

Honest diapers as you can see in the photo are much thicker, but does that mean they absorb more?

After using the Seventh Generation diapers for a few weeks, I’ve come to a few conclusions;

  1. They don’t hold as much liquid as the Honest diapers, but I don’t find myself changing Kip any more often because of it.
  2. The Seventh Generation diapers don’t distribute liquid like the Honest diapers do, it all collects in the front. Therefor you end up with a sagging diaper. The Honest diapers distributes liquid evenly throughout.
  3. The Seventh Generation diapers (as my husband puts it) feel “gross”. When the diaper is full of liquid, the exterior feels mushy. Honest diapers feel firm.

My conclusion?

Is it worth the savings?

Yes and no. While we have two in diapers, it’s nice to find savings. The Seventh Generation diapers are not my favorite and they aren’t as luxurious as The Honest Company diapers, but when we are buying diapers for two kids we need to try and be economical.

However, I will not be canceling my Honest Bundles. When I see Target is having a sale on diapers, I’ll pick up a few boxes, but I won’t be buying them regularly!

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