Almost every spring and fall I purge my closet. I go through and pull out things I didn’t wear all season, worn out items, clothes that no longer fit and get rid of them. Then I box up the remaining items from the season that has just ended and pull out clothing for the new season. This way I don’t have an over filled closet, I only have the things I’ll actually wear hanging and it makes getting dressed quick and easy.

Well last spring I went to purge my closet and decided it was time to tackle a project that I wanted to do since we bought the house!

In our bedroom there was a shelf built into the wall to house a TV, the shelf extended into the closet and took up valuable closet space. Since we prefer not to have a TV in our room and TV’s are no longer cubes, I knew I wanted to tear this out.

Over the course of a morning, I started purging my closet, decided to demo the shelf, removed everything from the closet and started removing sheetrock, screws, nails and plywood! I didn’t bother the tell my husband. I like to surprise him with my projects!

By the time he came home, the shelf was removed. The closet looked like a tornado hit, our bed was piled 3 feet high with clothes and our bedroom floor was almost completely covered with everything else that had been in the closet.

I was so excited when he came in the door, I drug him into our room and showed him what I had accomplished that day. He looked less than thrilled and was definitely surprised!

The next day I continued on. I bought the supplies to patch the sheet rock where the shelf had been.

I measured out each area, cut the sheetrock and then screwed it into place.

Then I placed the tape around the edges and filled in with drywall mud. I let it sit for a day and then I sanded it down with a sanding block to make it smooth. After I got the surface even and smooth, I used a can of wall texture to texture the walls (I practiced first on a spare piece of sheetrock).

I painted the room and then bought extra rods to create more hanging space.

I decided I was going to hang two rods on the wall where the shelf had been and put in a large shelf for shoes.

Isn’t it amazing how much extra storage was created!

On the existing storage system, I removed a shelf that was above the rod, moved the rod up and added another rod below.

On my husbands side of the closet I removed the top shelf from the cubbies and added a rod for T-shirts inside of the top cubby. Then, I removed a single shoe shelf below where his T-shirts were hanging and added another rod for more shirts.

The storage in our closet doubled and the room feels twice as big! I’m so glad I finally tackled this project, it feels great to bring a vision to life and I love having more space!

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