Let me introduce you to Scott. An avid outdoorsman, father to our three kids and my husband. Scott grew up on a farm and when he’s not busy at work in the ag industry, he’s spending time with our family outdoors or working on projects around the house.
I was going to write a gift guide with my own ideas, but then I thought, who better to write this than an outdoorsman himself? So I commissioned Scott to share his thoughts on great gift ideas for the outdoorsman in your life!

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Ladies, let’s be honest. If you listened to your husband, then you know exactly what you should get him for Father’s day. If you only heard him, but didn’t actually listen to what he was complaining about, then here is a list for you.

You don’t have to pay 100 dollars for most husbands to be thankful. Most husbands hate spending money, because, honestly, we never have enough of it to buy the really expensive things that we really want, like guns, and boats, and fishing gear, and gun parts, and guns! And, honestly, no matter how happy the right pole, or reel, or rifle would make him, it’s too much a personal decision to surprise him with.

Here is a list of gifts for the dads in your life in the 10-20 dollar range. Remember, more small gifts equal more excitement on that big day to celebrate his participation in producing those little noisy bundles of love and joy!

How many fish has your husband caught? Remember that 7-pound bass he caught 3 years ago, when it was 4 pounds lighter and 7 inches shorter? One easy way put these exaggerations to rest is with a fishing scale you can get here. From now on he will have a verified weight to put those tales to rest.

Speaking of fishing. When your husband is out fishing one thing he has to do every time he ties on a new lure is cut off the little knot whisker. And every time he tries to pull a hook out of a stubborn fish’s mouth he’ll want some pliers! A pair of clippers and pliers is something that every man could use, and even if you got him a pair last year-he probably dropped them overboard. These are available as a matched set here on Amazon for under 10 dollars!

Do you like doing yard work? Or building stuff? Or digging holes? Heck no you don’t! Neither does he! And when he’s in the hardware store buying 100 dollars’ worth of dry wall, nails, fertilizer, and loppers, you know he eyeballed those supple leather work gloves. But do you know what he did for the extra 8 dollars in savings? He bought the crappy ones that feel like they are made of recycled boots, and cause more callouses than the shovel handle he would have been holding bare handed! Again, here at Amazon you can find your man leather gloves that feel like they are made from the skins of baby seals, so soft, so plush, and so flexible.

Again in this price range is this specific Aladdin coffee mug. I drink coffee in it. And I drink my coffee in this mug black, and strong. That is, when the coffee actually cools down enough to drink! Oftentimes I will get coffee in the morning, say around 7:30. Then I continue to be grumpy due to lack of coffee until it cools down to a drinkable temperature at about 10. I have never owned a cup that keeps my coffee hotter longer than this baby.

Another gift in this price range is this cast iron skillet from Lodge. Because the only thing manlier-I mean fatherlier- than black coffee in the morning, is cooking bacon and pancakes for Sunday breakfast in a cast iron. Again, if your frying pan has a non-stick coating with more than one syllable in its name, you are doing it wrong. Every good dad needs a cast iron skillet. Because nothing says dad like cooking on a piece of iron seasoned with bacon grease.

We’re going to step it up a bit here. In the 40 dollar range we have Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sound Amplification Electronic Ear Muffs. That’s a bunch of words for ear protection you can hear with, and play music on. Sometimes my friends and I go shooting. And sometimes I want to have a conversation with them while we are shooting. This lets you do both of those things! And when I don’t want to hear my friends talk, because they do it too damn much (you know who you are, and I love you!) you can turn these off or take the battery out and they are plain old earmuffs. And they are low profile so you can snuggle your cheek right next to the firearm for a great sight picture!


We’re going to skip up to the around 100 dollar range now. Here are two of my favorite trail cameras, the Moultrie M-40 and the Browning Strike Force. It is a great way to spend time with the bundles of joy going out to check the trail camera, whether looking for game in the field or checking for intruders in our drive way, a man can NEVER have too many trail cameras. Unless he forgot where he put them. Then he either has too many trail cameras, or a drinking problem.

If the dad in your life enjoys capping his night off by sipping on whiskey, then consider getting him a 2 or 3 liter custom laser-engraved oak mini whiskey barrel filled at Whiskey Gap Distillery . You can have it filled with your choice of smooth, rich elixir and the barrel will continue to be a great way to man up the Dad Cave for years to come!


If you married a man, and he does man things, then he needs a good cooler. Whether it be to hold his favorite beverage while on a fishing trip, or to hold a week’s supply of wieners for a camping trip, or standing on to change a lightbulb in the garage, a good cooler is a necessity. You could spend a fortune on a cooler and get one with a brand that rhymes with betty. And it would probably be a great cooler! But from what I’ve seen, these guys right here at Rtic do a pretty good job at a fraction of the cost. For everything but changing the lightbulb, the guys at igloo also do a great job! But, lets be honest, how many light bulbs are you going to change in the garage requiring a new ice chest each time because you crushed the lid before you buy him an Rtic? Or a step ladder? Which you can coincidently buy here at Amazon!

At around the 300-dollar price point you can get him a pair of these bad daddy’s, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. I call them my wife canceling headphones. Last Christmas, my wife asked my 9-year-old what she should get me for a gift. He told her that I really liked these VERY expensive headphones. And, let’s be honest. The best gifts are gifts that we want, but would never purchase for ourselves. My beautiful wife and my wonderful in-laws (wink, wink) partnered up to buy me a set, and they have become one of the most used things that I own and I would NEVER have purchased them. Let me give you an honest testimony: these headphones turn System of a Down into a symphony that actually brought a tear to my eye. And it turns Chris LeDoux into a live acoustic performance behind the chutes at a rodeo. And it renders my children’s screams, shouts and cries to the muted tones of a library, which also brings a tear to my eye!

Most outdoors men are practical to a point that they will annoy their wives. If something works, we usually keep it-and we don’t even care that it’s ugly or worn out! And often times we will buy what is less costly over what we really want-just to save a few bucks. If the dad in your life bought a less-than-perfect pair of boots to save a hundred bucks, or needs a few new flannel shirts, or a couple pairs of jeans, we love that stuff! Especially because we won’t have to raid our gun and boat savings account to buy them now! But the most important thing that our wives and kids can give us on our day, is their patience, and their understanding, and their attention. If you had been paying attention to what your husband had been telling you through his whining and complaining, then you probably wouldn’t need this list. Then again, being a father to beautiful kids, and a husband to a great wife, is really all the gift we need.

Scott Carpenter

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