I’m back!!

Last year we sold our home and moved into a rental. We moved into the rental only bring the items we needed because it was temporary and who wants to unpack and repack decor! So I stepped away from the blog and knew that when the time was right and we had a home of our own again, I would come back and share our home projects.

We finally found the perfect home for us and have been busy unpacking! It’s a 1950’s Mid Century Modern and has so many unique original features! It’s such a cool house, but is needing to be refreshed. First on our to do list is the downstairs and the guest rooms. We have some friends coming to visit so I wanted to get one of the rooms done before they came.

We live in a great area for hunting and my husband has always wanted a man cave, so we’ve decided to decorate the downstairs with a rustic modern hunting lodge vibe.

I had planned to build a bed, but then I found this one on sale at Target. It was less than I had budgeted for materials to build one, so I figured I’d give it a try. I have a feeling I may need to re-build it in the future, but it looks good! I love the grey leather and knew it would look great in this modern-rustic room!

There’s something so refreshing about white bedding. I love climbing into buttery soft, clean, white linens. So I kept the bedding simple with this white duvet from Target and splurged on some oh-so-soft sheets from Macy’s. A fur throw was a must for the man cave guest room. I had a few picked out online, but came across this while walking through Target. I also found the yellow suede pillow on the same trip. I imagined the grey, green and fur with that warm mustard yellow and knew I needed it for this room!

The nightstands were an instant yes the moment I found them online at Target! I loved the warmth of the wood grain and those mid-century lines fit perfectly in our home. Can you tell I shop at Target a little too much? The lamps I found at Homegoods.

Curtains add a nice warmth and dimension to a room. I really have something against blinds, I already tore out almost all of them in this house and I tore out all of them in our last home! A double curtain rod with one sheer layer and another layer that’s solid is my favorite option for window treatments and privacy. The sheer layer allows light to come through while giving you privacy and the solid adds color and texture to the room and also allows you to block out the light if needed. I choose these grey velvet curtains and the sheer chiffon panels.

And lastly, what is a guest room without refreshments! We will eventually move the Keruig out to the downstairs kitchen once it’s complete, but it goes in here for now. We also put out little snacks because we love our friends and don’t want them to be hungry!

As we finish each room, I’ll share about each one. So if you love this room, subscribe to my blog!



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