I decided to try something new… well, new to me. Wallpaper!

When I told my husband what I had ordered, he looked at me and said “You hate wallpaper!”. My response, “I use to hate gold too” (now I’m obsessed with it!). That’s the funny thing about personal style, it’s ever changing!

One day the idea of plaid wallpaper popped up in my head. My husband and I have always said we want to stay true to this house and honor it’s original design. It’s a 1959 Mid-Century Modern and plaid just felt so fitting! I decided I wanted an orange tartan plaid. I scoured the internet trying to find exactly that and it just didn’t exist (this ALWAYS happens to me)! I knew exactly what I wanted, I was envisioning a wallpaper that had a similar pattern to one of my husbands favorite shirts. When I had no luck finding what I wanted, I started searching for custom wallpaper. I finally found an Etsy shop that did just that.  So, I sent over a photo of my husbands favorite shirt and she sent back a proof. We went back and forth on a couple ideas and then she finally came up with this!

I really wanted the wallpaper to be the focus of the room, so I choose Ivory curtains that would blend in with the white walls. I had already purchased the Linen Bed, which complemented the plaid and decided to pull the navy from the pattern and chose navy night stands.

We switched out the light fixtures. The ceiling had a the original square can light with one bulb. It was just too dim and the room needed more light. So I choose these Brass Flush Mount Fixtures. Because of the original can lights, we had to use an adapter to extend the wiring and my husband built a custom bar to mount the fixture to.

Above the built in desk was a 1990’s sconce task light, we replaced it with this gorgeous mid-century style Sconce.

For the lamps, I wanted lamps with USB outlets, so guests wouldn’t have to search for a plug in near the bed. It was a struggle to find lamps I liked that had the outlets, but I eventually found these online at Target! I loved the simplicity and size.

This could easily be my favorite room in our whole house! I love the mid century vibe, the warmth and masculinity to this room! How do you feel about this orange plaid?




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Round Mirror


Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture

Wire Adapter

Curtain Rod

Velvet Curtains

Sheer Curtains


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