Hi there!

I’m Sally. I use to have a little blog called Sally + Stone. Well my family has grown and the name no longer fits, so I’ve decided it’s time for a big girl blog!

I live in a house of Carpenters. That’s right, there’s five of us. My husband was born a Carpenter. I, on the other hand wasn’t. I took my first shop class in middle school and loved it. Didn’t touch another saw until I took the name Carpenter. I don’t know if it was the name, or the fact that marriage also meant that I now owned a bunch of tools, but that’s when it started.

It all began when I ordered a new computer and my husband insisted I get a large, sturdy desk to place this new, big and expensive computer on. I shopped and shopped, but anything I even remotely liked, was out of my budget. Thats when I decided I’d build one. I had no fear. I jumped right in, built exactly what I wanted and I LOVED it!

After I built my desk, I was confident. I wanted a new bed, so I built one.

It’s been a lot of fun embracing this new life as a Carpenter! While I love to build things, what I really love is interior design. I love making a beautiful, collected home. Whether it’s finding a way to hang all of your favorite portraits together, filling in an empty corner with some of your treasured belongings or making a room reflect your personality, it’s what I love to do!

Here at the House of Carpenters, I’ll be sharing my DIY experiences, room makeovers & home decor ideas and things that I’ve found helpful to running this house of five.